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03 September 2009 @ 11:04 pm
I'm not dead, just busy as usual with school and work. I still work with autistic children and the little girl I've been working with has made some tremendous progress. i start working with a little boy on sept 8.

School hasn't been that hard, but I've been kind of lazy. I've been running at an 79-83 percent capacity, but I know that if I can put just 10% into my studies, I can do well. I'm still on AP, but I'm not worried. I've been getting scholarships and basically this whole year of school is paid for and I get at least 2000-3000 dollars back each quarter. I'm going to put that money away and save for a car. My mom and I discussed her getting a new car and getting her old one. I wouldn't mind that. I might use the extra money for grad school. I'm going to hopefully start entering some writing competitions and use the money that I'll hopefully when for that as money to go back and get my B.A in Creative Writing. I was going to do senior residency at UCR since I practically finished the degree anyway. I just want a more practical degree like psych to get a job and go to school full-time as well.

I went on vacation as well to Rochester, New York for my family reunion it was only for the weekend, but I needed that little relaxtion(even though I spent most of my time at the club with my older cousins) .

Anyway, the only reason why I haven't posted is because my life is essentially boring. Anyone do anything interesting? 

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Card is one of the most appealing story-tellers alive today and has the ability to combine his light and easy prose with experimenting with what fantasy can be, by bringing up subjects such as racism and slavery, by using alternate world settings and last but not least by letting the "small world" of family-life (complete with sibling envy from those who weren't born with the ability to do magic) have a prominent place in his stories.

Card is also one to propagate against violence, but without falling into the trap of being unrealistic or romantically pacifist. The question of who should be reading Card, those who want to be entertained or those who want to be challenged is easily answered: They all should!

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04 June 2009 @ 03:50 am
Finally turned in my Change of Major paperwork today. It only took about 15 minutes for everything and it makes me wonder why I didn't do it soon before I failed 4 classes that I have to retake (both of which I'm retaking during the spring and summer, one of them I don't need anyway).

At any rate, it's done and I told my mom. She keeps sending me mixed signals and it's really starting to get irritating. First she said that she wants me to graduate in four years, then I told her that it would probably be best to slow down since I'm taking a year off before grad school (unless I get into the one I want, then I'm going) and that I could probably walk at graduation, but have to come back for summer school. She told me that once I graduate, I should be done with that. Then today, I was telling her that I could speed up the classes and test out of them, then she said I should slow down. It's starting to get frustrating because she's my main advisor. I'm thinking I should be my own advisor from now on. It's not like she's taking the classes. She placed so much disdain on what I choose as a major, like Creative Writing, that I strayed away from that. Now I wish I hadn't because I wasted so much time on making mediocre grades, when I could have excelled at something I enjoyed. My mom's main concern is what can I do with the degree after I graduate. She even said that when I told her I changed my major to psychology. I told her you can do anything with a degree in Psychology. Plus, the field I want to go in (development psychology or mental/behavioral health) doesn't require most of the neuroscience prereqs. I think I need to go this alone and tell her the strategy after the deeds been done. There have been so many times where I've been on the fence with something, talked to her, and been swayed to do something different. I don't necessarily regret it (because I never would have come to this conclusion without that experience) but things would have been a lot easy had I just followed my insticts when they became stronger. Anyway, I have a plan and it's going to work out, so all is well.

Anyway, things should be a lot smoother. The neuroscience classes are cross listed for psychology too, so I could major in psych and take neuro classes as well. If i would have known that earlier (or not been so stubborn), I could have

Sorry to bore you with all this school stuff. Things are looking up now, so it'll get better and less frequent. I want to do more about writing and what I plan to do in my year off from school.
03 June 2009 @ 12:35 am
But that's the only thing I'm doing right now. i got a job watching and teaching autistic children. So far, I've been training with people and I love it. It's pretty fun so far even though I only worked with 2 kids. I have no idea how it's going to go tomorrow. I haven't been going to class because of the job, but I haven't really been going at all. I'm only taking two classes this quarter, so I really should have gone. At any rate, I'm back in good academic standing since my research grade came through, so I'm hoping that the contract I signed is null. I can pull a B in Chemistry, that's not really a problem. I got a B in lab and we have one last midterm and a final. Neuroscience isn't going so well. I bombed my practical exam (again) and so far I have a C in that class. If I can just maintain that grade or get something higher, I can survive.

I'm changing my major to psychology as soon as the final grades for this quarter are in. I have to do it to save my GPA, which overall isn't that bad, but still isn't good. I also have to talk to teachers about getting to the psychology classes since I don't have the prereqs. I still think I can graduate on time next year, but there are at least 4 classes I need to take at the community college, so I have to ask if I can take them concurrently or ask the grad school if I can take them all during the summer. I just need Microbiology, Chemistry/Biochem, Human Anatomy and Physiology (2 classes) and I have to make sure that I can either get a petition to go over the 216 unit cap.

I'm boring you with this college stuff, but I hope to talk about writing as soon as this emergency major change is complete.
01 May 2009 @ 02:49 am
Interview from false_realitee 

1) If a book or movie was made after you, what would the title be? What genre would it be?
My life would be a fantasy anime about a gaijin who gets transported to a new world where she has to learn to fend for herself and meet new friends. In this world, everyone would have powers and she wouldn't, but she'd try to do the best with what she has. It's been done... no? What? Are you serious? I guess I'm already in the process of writing this story....

2) If you could do anything tomorrow, what would you do? Why?
I would write an award winning book and become internationally known for rocking the microphone... and writing a pretty good book too.

3) What is something you would -never- do under any circumstances? Why?
Hmm.... under any circumstances,. I mean I was going to say Kill, but if someone was trying to hurt me or someone I loved, I would try to kill that attacker. I would never neglect my children. I would do what I have to because if my mom could do it and still be around for every school play, every band concert, and various clubs and sports, work a 9-5 job that requires paperwork, and still put food on the table, then I'll be damned if I can't do the same thing.

4) What colour are the walls in the room you're in right now?
Depressing college off-white. It's a real color.

5) Who is your biggest idol?
I don't believe in idols, more like role models. I don't think I ever idolize anyone because that's kind of weird. When I think of Idols, I think of worship and I don't worship anyone. My role model would be my mom. She raised me as a single parent and I came out pretty okay.


Saw X-men Origins. It was interesting. I went with semi-date who is a huge x-men fanatic. I love Gambit, he's one of my favorite mutants from X-men. I don't really know about whether I liked the movie or not. It wasn't 3,000 years long like The Watchmen, but this movie I actually enjoyed. Overall, it was alright... a bit... confusing at some parts, but really enjoyable. It's not one of those movies you sit and muse about in your off time. Not philosophically at least(not like semi-date). more like the "Aw, man, that part was so AWESOME!!!!" It was good, I've seen better, I've seen worse, but it was worth my 6.00 dollars and I wouldn't mind seeing it again.


18 April 2009 @ 11:32 pm
I'm only one point away from getting a B in Organic Chemistry. It was actually a D, but the test was adjusted 15 points for people getting used to the test format. It from from D to a C and the lowest test scores get dropped. The teacher also said the first test is the one that gets dropped the most. I really do hope I do good on the next two tests (I probably will if I start studying ahead of time. It's not like I haven't taken this class before.)
09 April 2009 @ 04:21 pm
If you were to have another name, what would it be?

Yormohma went to the store. Yormohma is at home. Can't be any worse than my actual name.

These writer's block questions are getting ridiculous.

01 April 2009 @ 12:45 pm
Hello Dear Readers,

I hope you had(will have) a nice and relaxing break like I have. Now that I'm rested, It's All Relative is ready for continuous updates (except during times of midterms and finals, I'll let you know in advance if they become a problem). Episode 14: Investigation is now online. I hope you enjoy the story as the plot gets thicker.

While I was away at Leadership camp, I was able to outline the whole first book of IAR. So far there seems to be around 65 episodes planned. I hope to finish this book by the end of August 2009. This task would so much easier when I know that people are reading. You guys are awesome and to help inspire you to be even more awesome I'm offering an incentives program.

Every review on Web Fiction Guide or Muse's Success is worth 5 points.
Every web subscription (twitter or e-mail alerts) is worth 4 points.
Every link exchange is worth 3 points.
Each initial comment on a NEW story page is worth 2 points.
Follow up comments on a NEW story are worth 1 point.
1 dollar equals 2 points.
5 dollars equals 10 points.
10 dollars equals 15 points.
20 dollars equals 20 points

At the end of the week:
15 points are collected there will be a parody.
20 points will get a bonus story.
25 points will get two episodes for the upcoming update instead of one.

Single donations:
If a single person donates $5, they get a parody of their choice.

If a single person donates $10, they are allowed to chose a character to be shown in a bonus story.

If a single person donates $20, they are allowed to choose a story written about two characters or a non-canon pairing. (PG-13 ratings only at the moment)

Nerdfighter Charities:
If you're a nerdfighter, please mention so in the comments on the donation page and send a link of your favorite Vlogbrothers. I will donate half of your donation to the most current charity mentioned in a Vlogbrothers video. (donations need to be at least two dollars).

Collection counting starts on Sunday and will continue during the week. Polls will open on Monday and will end on Friday. If the goal is met, all bonus material will be posted the following week.(In this case, the incentives will carry over until next Friday to give you guys some time to get used to the program).

For more information or to vote in the polls go to the Incentives page on the It's All Relative Website. So far you are 10 points away from getting a parody;

Thank you for being awesome readers. I apologize for the long letter, this will probably be the last time it gets this long. Take care and keep reading. ^_^


Your Author
29 March 2009 @ 09:56 pm
Hi All.

Wow, I've been gone for a whole week in the mountains, without my laptop or phone reception. I was at a leadership conference and had a blast. Met some of the best people in the world. It was so amazing and so great. I don't even know how to phrase it all. Just a wonderful experience. Anyway, I'll give more later. I feel bad for not having the energy to catch up on people's posts. My lips are also so chapped that they are scarred. I'll give a better update when I have time to reflect. Hopefully all is well.
I'm really not on the ball for this studying business. Instead of studying for neuro, I went to the beach with amanda_sea and met up with a bunch of nerdfighters. It was worth it, but come monday, I was soooo not prepared for the neuro test. It all would have worked out if I had just read the chapters, but I didn't. At any rate, I'm scared what my grades going to be. If I failed, I deserved it. The horrible thing is that they offer the class during the summer. If I had known that earlier, I wouldn't have been in such a rush to take the class this quarter and instead probably would have taken something like.... poetry or something (more on that later). At any rate, o chem is coming up soon on Saturday and I've studied in total about 2-4 hours. I'll probably have to take summer school, which I don't mind, just as long as I get to go to comic con. I may have to take Ochem 112C during that time and Neuro 120. If I manage to pass neuro, well, then...uh... there's no other neuro classes available (that I'm qualified to take rather). I'm getting so complacent with this whole "I'll just take the class over again" attitude. I need to get out of it! It's just that everything works out for me either way. Like last year, I took some classes during the summer and got a scholarship, so I only had to pay 200 dollars. I doubt the same thing will happen this time, but if I fail it's only 2 classes. I won't miss comic-con if all I have to take is ochem again and I  might be able to ask the neuro teacher if I can miss a couple days for the family reunion, in fact, from what I've seen, I can just have class and discussion on MW, then switch to the T/Th discussion after the family reunion which is from July 30-Aug 2. The next day would be chemistry M/T/W/Th 12:30-3:00, Chem Lab 3:40-7:30. Neuro would be M/W 10-12 and discussion from 1-2, but after the reunion, I would just change to T/Th 10-11 because chem would start the day after the family reunion. This whole idea is just based on whether I would need to take Chem and Neuro over again. Neuro isn't looking too good as far as the final is concerned and if Ochem is curved, I may still have a chance to pass. See how I like to have my cake and eat it too...

And as far as Creative Writing is concerned, I don't think I'm going to minor in it. Instead, I'm going to take a year off from anything Neuro and medical related and get a second bachelors in Creative Writing. My mom said it was okay as long as I pay for it myself. I probably will try to get some scholarships and then get a full-time job (or get two part time jobs) based on my major. I might even try to study abroad and take creative writing classes in the UK, Scotland (just because my friend wants to go), or Japan. Maybe even both. Then I'd just go backpacking for the remainer of the year (depending on whether I go to both countries or not), come back, then graduate. I could probably pile on a lot of classes since truth be told, CRWT is not that hard. Then I'd come back home after the extra year and apply for Nursing/Medical schools. By this time, I'll be 22 years old, I'll get my RN license by 23~24, then I'll work and go to school part time for an MSN for about a year or so (depending on how many classes I can pile on per semester) and by then I'll be 25~26. Still young, no harm done and I would have accomplished everything I wanted to do in life before I have kids. 
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